Franchising FAQ

Answers to Common Questions About Owning a Franchise Business

Why should I consider investing in a franchise business?
Many national franchise brands have substantial purchasing power, which can translate into discounts and rebates for the products and services franchisees need to run their business. Another benefit is our global network, Neighborly®, formerly Dwyer Group, brands have more than 2,800 service franchises around the world. This allows franchisees to share their expertise and access potential cross-marketing opportunities.

How do most people finance their franchise business?
For many, opening a franchise business is an appealing opportunity. One thing you will have to consider is the startup cost. Each individual will have to judge the method that best suits their situation after evaluating their assets and liabilities, but some available options include conventional lenders, SBA-backed loans, or tapping into a retirement account.

What are some advantages franchising has over opening an independent business?
While many entrepreneurs opt for startup businesses because they believe it will offer more freedom, opening a franchise business can actually offer similar freedom to owning an independent business while adding the support of a time-tested brand. With franchising, business owners get access to established marketing systems, ongoing training and support, and brand awareness. Independent business owners, on the other hand, have to build their brands and systems from the ground up.

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What types of training and support are available to franchisees?
Franchisees with any one of Neighborly® brands receive unparalleled training and support to help them succeed. This includes everything from development of marketing systems and plans, to coaching from franchise consultants.

What qualities do good franchisee candidates possess?
While no two franchisees are alike, we take great care in choosing who we partner with based on characteristics that we value. We look for franchisees who are values-driven—that is, people who have respect, integrity, and customer focus—as well as people who like to have fun! We look for passionate individuals who are motivated to succeed and those who are financially stable.

Still Have Questions About Franchising? Just Ask!

If you would like to learn more about franchising, contact us today! We are here to answer your questions, and help you find the brand that is the best fit for you. 888.387.8018

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