Converting Your Business Into
a Franchise

Taking Your Home Services Business to the
Next Level

At Neighborly®, formerly Dwyer Group, we understand the personal fulfillment that comes from helping people in their homes. Whether it’s electrical work, plumbing, or renovating, helping people in need can be both a lucrative business and personally gratifying. However, building and maintaining a profitable home services business can be difficult to manage. Between maintaining your customer base and reaching new customers in a competitive industry, most of your energy may go toward breaking even rather than growing.

The struggles of running a business on your own can also affect your personal life. Chances are that you have a small business, so much of the work of marketing, developing systems, choosing inventory, and keeping track of effectiveness is on your plate. Juggling all the concerns of a business owner eats into time you could spend with your loved ones. Converting your business into a franchise could change all that.

The Advantages of Franchise Business

Brand Name Power

The single greatest power of any business is its brand. A business’ brand is what grows its customer base. When your name is associated with great service, acquiring new customers becomes a matter of recognition alone. If your name is associated with sub-par service, acquiring a new customer becomes an uphill struggle. It takes years of marketing skill and precise spending of resources to build a dependable brand—and even more resources to build an excellent one.

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However, what if you could access a brand that already has international recognition?

What if you could begin work tomorrow and new customers would come to you based on the reputation of your name alone?

What if you had marketing materials, logos, and strategies at your disposal, ready-made? That’s the value of franchising: access to a brand that extends its success to you. Buttressed by the success of hundreds of entrepreneurs, thousands of past achievements, and a proven marketing strategy, you could focus on what you do best: providing for your customers and running your business.

High-End Equipment at a Discount

Neighborly® offers industry-leading tools, equipment, and supplies to all of our franchisees at deep discounts. Because we have 17 brands and over 2,800 franchise locations around the world, we have negotiated partnerships with industry leaders that allow us to offer important resources at a lower cost.

Our buying power allows our owners to conduct business with smaller overhead. Franchising can offer your business the advantages of a large company without losing what makes your business special: your leadership.

Amazing Systems and Networks

Our franchise company has spent decades developing powerful systems for operation, management, and hiring that have been tested and refined by hundreds of experienced entrepreneurs. In short, they are one of the best systems in the industry. When business owners choose to partner their companies with our brands, they have access to a level of collaborative development that no single business could ever achieve on its own.

The other powerful resource available to franchise owners is access to our extensive network of business owners. You’ll have the chance to build your business on the expertise of other entrepreneurs like yourself, eliminating the guesswork from your daily decisions. That’s a powerful benefit of franchise networking.

By converting your business into one of Neighborly's proven brands, you can take your business to new heights. Your resources will go towards managing your business and breaking new ground, rather than dealing with day-to-day issues that do not utilize your talents. Consider a franchise conversion today!

If you are interested in taking advantage of this powerful opportunity, contact Neighborly®!

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