Why Become a Restoration Franchise? – Video Transcript

Joe loves owning a business. He works hard and likes being his own boss, but competition is stiff, employee turnover is high, and his quality of life is suffering.

His friend, George, says he should think about aligning with a larger organization. “Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself,” George said. “Franchises are everywhere.”

Joe wasn’t sure. He liked being independent, able to set his own hours and prices. George told him he still gets to do that as a franchise, plus get the added bonus of a national brand to help him reach business and personal goals.

Joe knows his business. What the franchise brings is expertise in marketing, HR, finance, customer retention, and technology, all areas in which Joe could use some help. Joe can learn from systems already in place and designed for his industry.

Joe likes that, and being able to recruit and keep good employees. He knows turnover is expensive. Plus, the buying power of national brand. He’ll pay less for supplies and services, which also increases his bottom line.

“There’s another benefit,” George says. “All of these improvements not only mean a better business and personal life, but a business with real value once you decide to sell or retire.”

“You know what, George? I’m thinking serious about this!”

“You should,” George tells him, “but first, listen to what other franchisees have to say!”