Investing in a Restoration Franchise - Video Transcript

“We’d like to someday be able to actually pass the business down to our kids–“

“– who all work in our business.”

“Who all work in our business, yeah. So that’s our goal, is to give them a nice future. In the meantime, we’re getting a nice future from Rainbow.”

- Greg & Susan Minshall

“We still have lots of growth potential. We keep hitting new limits that we previously didn’t think that we could break. At the end of the day it will be to sell the business, and I truly believe that the investment we’ve made will pass back ten times.”

- Dean & Christina Maillot

“When I finally realized that I really have to change the way I think about how I want to grow the business – The whole idea of paying the royalty was really more of an additional expense that I would be spending internally anyway to be where I want to be in four or five years. What are my goals in four or five years? If I want to be a million-dollar franchise, if I want to be a five-million dollar franchise… you’re going to have fees that you’re going to be paying other professional services providers to help you get there.

So as part of the franchisor with Neighborly, and with Rainbow - I’m paying them to help me do that. There’s always new ideas there that are pushed down to us through the network. The value just keeps blossoming; you see more and more value out of what you got going on.”

- Ken Stefan

“The training that we received, it taught us a lot about the restoration industry that – as an independent, we didn’t really have all of that knowledge. We knew how to go do water restoration and that was pretty much about it. With all the training and all, it’s really enhanced what we do and, well, we’ve increased our business four times over.”

- Greg & Susan Minshall

“We have exceeded every goal that we had and we keep pushing that limit to grow and expand where we thought we would be. We would definitely not have been at this stage in our life where we are today without Rainbow and Neighborly.”

- Dean & Christina Maillot