Franchising Support Team - Video Transcript

“Being part of a franchise has helped us compete due to the fact that we’re part of a larger group. You have other franchisees that are near to you that can help you. Also just the fact that you’re with Neighborly, your part of a big team.”

- Dean & Christina Maillot

“It’s good to have somebody that’s testing the different types of technology out and giving the feedback to the group as a whole.”

- Rob & Tuesday Hanavan

“Just the technical support you get. We call the 24 hour tech line and I’ve never stumped one of them, yet.”

- Dianna & Dave Hessel

“Technical support was huge for us in the beginning. We didn’t know a water job or fire job. We had no idea what they looked like and how to approach it. So the technical support was phenomenal in the beginning.”

- Jason Barck

“The teachers that are part of rainbow’s program, I think, are excellent, they’re well-schooled. What you learn is actually – I find to be – exciting and it opens you up to different levels.”

- Jay VanDuesen

“The facility and the trainers have been top notch. Being able to give them a call when you’re on an actual job site and get immediate answers has been great, been outstanding.”

- Rick Swango

“It doesn’t matter what it is, they –”

“They can do it.”

“And they do it quick”

- Dianna & Dave Hessel

“They have put a lot of effort into building their team and they do have phenomenal training, excellent marketing. The staff at Neighborly—everybody treats us like gold. We’ve always felt like part of the family.”

- Dean & Christina Maillot