Franchisees on Franchise Opportunities – Video Transcript

“Rainbow, I mean, it has changed our life drastically. The first number of years I worked long, long hours, didn’t have a lot of control in taking vacations, that sort of thing. Now we have the time and the financial ability to spend more time at home and away.”

- Dean & Christina Maillot

“It was at a time when we the economy was going to change and we knew we had to diversify and do something different. Rainbow called us. So we jumped at the chance to take a look and we liked what we saw. As an independent, you’re kind of just floating along on your own and doing what you can. When we came into Rainbow we saw that there were systems in place and there was always support from the corporate office. That really helped us build our business. It changed it. “

- Greg and Susan Minshall

“We’re seeing more and more of the insurance companies going with the national vendors and we said, ‘man, maybe this is something we should do before everyone else does.’ Interviewed over the phone probably almost 22 different franchises and settled on Rainbow. We liked their values.”

- Rick Swango