Robert Tunmire on Accomplishing Your Goals Through Franchising

Hello, thank you for taking some time out of your busy day and life to spend with Neighborly, formerly Dwyer Group. My name is Robert Tunmire, Executive Vice President of Neighborly. I’ve been with Neighborly for almost 40 years, and I was a franchisee for a number of years. One of the underlying principals here at Neighborly, is that we believe that the purpose of a business is to help you accomplish your personal and financial goals, using a business as a vehicle.

So, what does that really mean?

Here’s what it means. If you’re in an existing business or you’re on a career path, the question you have to ask yourself is, “is what I’m doing today really and truly helping me accomplish my true personal and financial goals?” And if the answer to that question is “yes,” I applaud you. If the answer to that question is “no,” then the next question we need to ask ourselves is, “am I willing to do something about it?”

Now that may seem like a strange question, but often times someone will be out there in a business or a career for many years, and it’s not taking them where they really want to go but yet they’re unwilling to do something about it. So if the answer to that question for you is “yes, I’m willing to do something about it,” just maybe, Neighborly might be the right path for you – not suggesting that it is, but let’s investigate fully before making that decision.

And what do we mean by “investigate fully?” Some things that you can do: talk to some of our franchisees, come down to Waco, Texas and spend the day. And after you’ve done these things, we can all sit down together and see if, in fact, Neighborly is the right vehicle for you to accomplish your personal and financial goals.

Onward and upward,

Robert Tunmire.


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