How Franchising With Neighborly Can Change Your Life

Looking for a franchise business opportunity with Neighborly, formerly Dwyer Group? We’ve asked some of our current franchise owners to offer their perspective on life as a Neighborly business owner. Watch the video above or read the transcript below to hear firsthand how our support system can help you find success and improve the quality of your life.

What Our Franchise Owners Are Saying

Harry Grubbs (Mr. Appliance): Working with Neighborly, I’ve gained huge insight in how to run and manage a business.

Kevin Nunn (Aire Serv): It’s taught us how to do customer service right, how to run the business right.

Sean Dore (Mr. Electric): I have goals. I have budgets set and desires to see growth. I have predictions in my area because of other franchises and how many vans they hold.

Ray, Tina & Ryan Bramble (Aire Serv): We picked every piece that we can pick and tried it and it’s very successful.

Ernest Fletcher (Mr. Electric): Following the system does make a difference.

Donald Lapierre (Mr. Rooter): Oh, it totally exceeds every other system out there.

Keith Pinkerton (Mr. Electric): Follow the system 100%.

Ray, Tina & Ryan Bramble: Look to the system for correction – we’re constantly doing that!

Rachel & Brad Richards (Mr. Electric): Look to the system and you’ll find a way to correct the problem – it works!

Mike Kolakovic (Mr. Rooter): If you follow the system with the support group, you’ll be successful.

Derek & Maureen Paulk (The Grounds Guys): Having that support behind you makes you feel like you’ve got a successful future down the road. You can see that vision. You know you have the means to make it happen. We definitely have the motivation to succeed.

Kevin Nunn: I think we’re still in business because of the franchise. If I hadn’t have been in the franchise, I wouldn’t have had the discipline, the skills, and the know-how to stay in business.

Andrew Green (Mr. Appliance): Any time of the day, no matter what problem I run into, there’s someone I can call and get information from, get direction, get answers.

Ray, Tina & Ryan Bramble: It’s out of this world – you couldn’t ask for better support.

Doug Thornton (Mr. Electric): We don’t have to go in and spend the time and money in order to figure out what’s the best way to do it.

Brad Roberson (Glass Doctor): There’s just a wealth of information there.

Robert Tuck (Mr. Appliance): It’s just amazing the opportunities we have as a Mr. Appliance versus doing it on our own.

Andrew Green: It’s wonderful to have experts in those areas who can help you.

Sean Dore: You’re still going to have to do some groundwork; you’re still going to have to get out there and hustle – but the support that you get from this is just so tremendous that I don’t see why you wouldn’t make that decision to do it.

Ernest Fletcher: We should have done it ten years sooner

Austin Reisetter (Rainbow International): It is the family values, the code of values, and the help that we have with Neighborly – that’s what makes us different.

Harry Grubbs: They’re very genuine, very family-oriented, very faith-based, and very centered and grounded. And to me, you really need that balance to really be successful in business.

Ray, Tina & Ryan Bramble: When we walked in the door we knew we were in the right place, with the right people, at the right time for us.

Doug Thornton: The code of values was the first thing that we saw that created the interest, because we wanted to get into a business that had a lot of integrity where we had control over our own destiny.

Cliff Turner & Mike O’Conner (Rainbow International): And that’s what really sold me on the whole process, is having that code of values.

Andrew Green: The beliefs the direction, what was important to Neighborly was very similar to our values and what we valued as important.

Joy & Kevin Beirne (Rainbow International): We chose Rainbow because it fit with our code of values.

Sam & Dianne Harris (Aire Serv): The code of values.

Harry Grubbs: The code of values.

Ray, Tina & Ryan Bramble: We actually live our code of values in our company – we say it at every meeting that we have.

Derek & Maureen Paulk: It’s about achieving your financial and personal dreams for both ourselves as franchise owners, everyone we work with and for, and our team members as well

Robert Tuck: It created a tremendous change in my personal life- time with family

Kenny & Paula Smith (The Grounds Guys): I’m learning how to be a business owner, and not having the business run my life.

Kevin Nunn: It just helps keep us financially fit so we can have a good future for us.

Donald Lapierre: To be able to get to this point in life and not have to depend upon social security, not have to depend upon anybody else. You know, we have everything that we need, anything that we want to live comfortably and to enjoy each other and have a good time in life. And that’s what it’s about – it’s about friends; it’s about enjoying life and not having to worry about where your next dollar is.

Mark Borchin & Josh Quick (Glass Doctor): I have more clear goals, personally. I get to spend more time with my family, I don’t feel guilty when I’m taking time, and I have trust in my company and the employees.

Richard & Bonnie Ciresi (Aire Serv): You can actually build something bigger than you would have ever built on your own.

Kenny & Paula Smith: And that’s what we’re the most excited about, is just being able to set any goal that we want and know that we have the vehicle in place to achieve it.

Gene Porter (Glass Doctor): It’s pushed me to be a better man, a better businessperson, a better husband, a better father.

Justin Eimers (Glass Doctor): We’re growing just leaps and bounds, so it’s just fun to have the success that I’m having.

Derek & Maureen Paulk: It’s been outstanding; above and beyond our expectations, that’s for sure

Kevin Nunn: Neighborly’s unbelievable.

Mark Borchin & Josh Quick: Best in the business. Absolutely.

Andrew Green: This is an excellent place to have a business for yourself

Mike Kolakovic: Just do it. (Laughs) Just do it.

Derek & Maureen Paulk: It’s probably one of the best things you could ever do

Gene Porter: Prepare to change your life. I mean, really, that’s what’s going to happen. It’s a life changing event. This is not another job, this is a career – and it’s beyond your career; it’s about your life and your family – and you don’t have to do it by yourself, you have a whole group of people there to help you.


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