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  • The candidate qualification summary form is used to evaluate your candidacy as a franchisee. It is not an application. The summary will ask for information including your Social Security number, driver's license number and birth date. We are concerned about the security of this information and it is processed via a secure site. This information is used to conduct applicable background and credit checks to determine if you are a qualified candidate. You must fill out this form for yourself, not another person.

    This is not an application - it is your next step in becoming a franchise owner. For additional information, startup costs and lists of existing franchise locations in your area, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has set up guidelines for the delivery of that information which all franchise companies must provide to prospective franchisees. These Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) also provide other information designed to be helpful in evaluating any franchise concept. To move to the next step in evaluating a franchise, and to order your own FDD, please complete the qualification summary below.

    Please read carefully - By filling out this form, it is understood that you are under no obligation to continue with the next steps in becoming a franchise owner and that this information is provided to assist in evaluating your personal, professional and financial qualifications as a franchise candidate. You understand that Neighborly may check your credit history and perform a background check as part of this process and you hereby give your permission to do so. You affirm that all statements made by you in this candidate qualification summary are within your personal knowledge, true and correct.

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