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Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Features Molly Maid’s Michael Silva-Nash

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Michael Silva-NashThere’s a Molly Maid Franchise success story within a story titled, “Local Store Marketing 101: Molly Maid Case Study” that features Michael Silva-Nash of Molly Maid of Little Rock, AK. In 2000, Rebecca Silva-Nash and her husband left Mexico for America in search of a better life for their three children. She found a job cleaning homes for Molly Maid of Little Rock, AK.

Rebecca worked hard, became indispensable, and in less than a year she was promoted to office manager. Rebecca loved the business so much she bought it from the owner in 2005. As a result, one
of her three children who has experienced a better life is Michael Silva-Nash the subject of the article. “’If you were part of the family, you had to come to work at Molly Maid, folding rags, filing, working weekends,’” he says.

Today Michael is responsible for the franchise’s marketing and has “his fingers on all the right buttons.” From Twitter, Facebook, radio, to print ads and even appearing on local TV, Michael is generating the buzz for the family business. What he’s doing is working too. This year the company will employ about 40 people and clean on average 50 to 60 homes each week.

At our February Molly Maid convention in Orlando, the franchise was recognized as our 2012 Race to Success Award Winner. Michael loves coming up with the marketing ideas and his goal for the future is “’to have people who need housecleaning to think of Molly Maid automatically.’” Michael has big ideas and ambitious goals—the title, perhaps, of another success story and case study.

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