Leadership in Franchising: Ronnie Musick

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The best asset that you will ever have in your electrical business is your team. Your employees are the face of your company, the representatives of your brand, and can make or break a company’s success. At Mr. Electric ®, we know this well and strive to recruit and retain leaders who fit our Code of Values® both in and out of the workplace. Meet Ronnie Musick, Franchise Development Team Lead for Mr. Electric. If you look into Mr. Electric franchise opportunity, you will encounter Ronnie at some point in the process. His energetic, team-focused approach to business helps drive the brand to new heights and motivates electrical contractors every day to learn and grow.

When did you join Mr. Electric, and what was your background before?

I joined the Mr. Electric team in 2009, but I’ve been with Neighborly® since 2006. I have also worked in franchise development for the Aire Serv® and Glass Doctor® brands. Prior to working here, I was Vice President of Sales and Marketing at a global consulting company for seven years, and worked in insurance before that.

In your opinion, what is the #1 obstacle to success facing electrical contractors in 2013?

The biggest obstacle that I see facing electrical contractors is all of the hats small business owners are forced to wear today. The pace of change is changing fast and it’s almost impossible for a small business owner to manage marketing complexities like social media, PR, SEO, etc. while at the same time managing the finances, day to day operations, budgeting, training, and everything else an entrepreneur is forced to do in the course of a day.

What qualities do you look for in a potential franchisee?

First, we need someone who is licensed to do the work. I look for someone who has a desire to give up control of every little aspect of the business and lead from the balcony. We want someone who is goal-oriented and committed to creating a better life and more freedom for himself, his family, and his employees.

Where do you think the electrical industry is headed in the next few years?

The next few years should be very positive for the electrical industry, assuming that you are doing what you need to do right now to get ahead of the curve. There are many opportunities about to reach the growth point on the bell curve if you know how to sell and market into specific market segments. Those would include, electric car charging stations, solar, lighting retrofits, and outdoor lighting. Simply choosing to focus on one vertical such as new construction or industrial will become increasingly dangerous as those that don’t know how to sell and market will continue to drive the price down in these verticals, making it virtually impossible to consistently show a profit.

What’s your favorite thing about working with Mr. Electric?

Hands down, my favorite thing is the culture. Jeff Meyers, President of Mr. Electric, has worked very hard to consciously create a culture of go-getters. The support staff is always looking for new ways to help our franchisees grow, and we have fun in the process. Our relationships with franchisees are stronger than ever.

What was your very first job?

When I was 15 years old I went to work for a corn growing company picking sweet corn for grocery stores. It was the worst job ever! After that I worked at a chemical plant that made liquid fertilizer through high school.

What are your hobbies or passions outside of work?

I love my family, gardening, hunting, and fishing.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

No excuses, no blame, no alibis.